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2017-18 Team Info

For 2017-18, Club Jollyville will have four tiers of teams. We offer a tier comparison here. Based on the composition of each team at tryouts, teams will be categorized as one of the following:

National: With the ultimate goal of qualifying for nationals, our National Teams' tournament schedule will be heavy with multi-day tournaments. National Teams compete in tournaments like the Tour of Texas qualifier (and respective tour stops in Dallas & Houston, or equivalent), Cross Court Classic, and 3 bid tournaments. Those bid tournaments include Lone Star Classic, LSR Regionals, and an out-of-state national qualifier (Denver's Colorado Crossroads, for example).

Texas: Our Texas Teams will compete in 3 half-day tournaments. Texas Teams will compete in a variety of multi-day tournaments, including the Tour of Texas Qualifier, ATX Showcase, Cross Court Classic, and Lone Star Classic.

Regional: With a commitment level to volleyball, in addition to other school & church commitments, Regional Teams will compete in 6 half-day tournaments. The season will also include a multi-day tournament (for example, the ATX Showcase) and will culminate with a trip to Lone Star Classic in Dallas.

Local: For athletes new to volleyball, Local Teams will train & compete in 8 half-day tournaments in the Austin to San Antonio area.

To view information about a specific prior year team, including a sample of their tournament schedule, use the links below.

Team Example Tournament Schedule

National Team

Texas Team

Regional Team

Local Team